Ukraine is the world production leader of sunflower and sunflower oil

In terms of gross domestic product on the basis of purchasing power parity, the share of Ukraine’s economy was 0.3% of world GDP. Such data was published by the Deputy Minister of Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Serhiy Nikolaychuk on his Facebook page.

According to the information provided, Ukraine occupies a leading position in the world production of individual goods, but almost all of these goods are raw materials. In the first positions – agrarian. Among other products, by volume of which Ukraine is in the world ten – iron ore, wheat, milk and cheeses.

“The domestic agrarian sector contributes most to this. For example, in terms of production of sunflower and sunflower oil, Ukraine is the undisputed leader, and in terms of corn cultivation, Ukraine occupies the fourth place. In Ukraine alone, 400 types of hybrid varieties of this agricultural crop are grown,” – the official emphasized.

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