The Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill on the abolition of VAT return cancellation of soybean-rapeseed export

On January 16, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in second reading the bill No. 1210, which identifies soybean rapeseed amendments. The bill, which marks the scan, started working on VAT with the Ukrainian exporter, voted 283 MPs, against – 37, abstained – 33, did not vote – 39.

“We have voted and included in the second reading an amendment that removes the discriminatory norms provided by so-called rapeseed/soybeans edits. This is to ensure that farmers are able to sell their produce freely, and that VAT refunds will apply to everyone. On Monday, January 13 the tax committee has already considered and supported the amendments to the bill #1210”, – the member of the committee on finance, tax and customs policy Oleksiy Ustenko informed earlier.

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