Taras Vysotsky introduces a single minimum tax per hectare of land in Ukraine

In the framework of land reform in Ukraine will establish a single minimum tax payment per hectare. Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Taras Vysotsky announced this during a land press marathon.

“I have good news for transparent agrarian producers – the majestic taxation will not change. I have bad news for shadow farmers and agrarian producers – they will have to pay taxes.

Since there is information about 35-40% of the shady cultivation of land, it is an idea to introduce a single minimum payment per hectare. This money will go into the local budgets one hundred percent, which will make tax evasion impossible, ”Taras Vysotsky said.

According to government estimates, this should increase local budget revenues by about UAH 13 billion a year.

Therefore, taxation will be changed, but first and foremost it will be aimed at combating the shadow economy. There will be no dramatic change for manufacturers who have paid all taxes correctly. The approach will change, but the amount of taxation per hectare will not change, ”- said Taras Vysotsky.

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