Moratorium removal will not extends the buffer zone along the border with Russia

A 30 km buffer zone will be maintained along the Ukrainian-Russian border, with a moratorium on land sale after the land market starts. This was stated by the Presidential Commissioner for Land Roman Leshchenko.

Under the program “National Dialogues”, we with the government and deputies from different fractions traveled 17 regions of Ukraine, including the conflict zone, in 2 months. And it was agreed that there should be a 30 km buffer zone that needs special regulation. We are now discussing this issue, finding out how to legally prescribe it and better protect it. In addition, there are many fortifications in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, which are located on the land of local farmers. People pay taxes for this land, but they don’t actually use it, Leshchenko said.

According to Leshchenko, the people’s deputies have already worked out some bills regarding the exemption of agrarians from taxation and the mechanisms of compensation for such types of land.

“This is a very important issue, so we are still legally working on mechanisms to protect the frontline and buffer zone from such dangerous moments,” Leshchenko said.

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