Approx. 1.1 million hectares of moratorium lands actually sold under long-term lease and emphitheism contracts – Mykola Solsky

Approximately 1.1 million hectares of land under the moratorium in Ukraine have actually been sold under long-term lease and emphysevis agreements as of August 2019, Mykola Solsky, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, informed the Interfax Ukraine.

According to Solsky said, the total number of privately owned agricultural land under moratorium is about 25.7 million hectares: these are share lands that were transferred to former collective farm workers and some social workers (about 7 million shareholders). Out of this number, 497.3 thousand hectares were transferred under contracts of emphitheism and 600 thousand hectares under long-term lease agreements.

“Today we have a market that operates under the gray scheme of bypassing the moratorium. It is distorted and has its consequences. The price of such land is not fair for both: the seller who has received a reduced value of the land and a buyer who is not legally protected,” – said the head of the agrarian committee of VR.

Solsky noted that there are also 3.7 million hectares of private agricultural land – land that was granted for personal agriculture and does not eligble for moratorium. Their owners are free to sell land, so approximately 1 million hectares have already been sold for last 15 years.

Ukraine has approx 41 million hectares of agricultural land in total, more than 7 million hectares from this amount is state-owned, and more than 33 million hectares is privately owned.

The chairman of the parliamentary agrarian committee noted that at present about 35 thousand farms uses less than 1 thousand hectares and they cultivate about 23% of all agricultural land. The largest and most stable group is the 5 thousand enterprises with a land bank from 1 to 10 thousand hectares, which cultivate more than 50% of all agricultural land, they are engaged in the production of grain and industrial crops. 180 enterprises of 10 and more thousand hectares cultivate 21% of all agricultural land.

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