The number of illegal registration actions in state registries has significantly decreased over 100 days of new government activities – Olga Onishchuk

Due to updating the composition of the Anti-raiding commission, complete restarting of its work, changes of the control system in the field of state registration and the composition of the entities performing functions in this sphere, hundreds of illegal registration actions were canceled in 100 days of work of the new Ministry team, and altogether state registers remain in the past.

As we continue to return property and business rights to the rightful owners, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the number of cases of unlawful deprivation of the rights of their owners, as evidenced by the statistics of complaints against the actions of state registrars. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Olga Onishchuk, reports the Press Service of the Ministry of Justice.

“The new composition of the anti-raiding commission carefully considers each complaint against the actions of state registrars and protects people who have been victims of raider seizures in recent years. The main result is the reduction of corruption risks and the transparency of the Commission’s activities.”

Also, to overcome systemic raiding, a number of effective anti-raiding mechanisms were established: the accredited entities were excluded from the subjects exercising powers in the field of state registration, the qualification requirements for state registrars were changed, responsibility for violations in this field was increased, sanctions were differentiated. It is also determined that the access of the state registrar to the state registers is accomplished through multifactor authentication. In addition, the new Ministry of Justice team discontinued the activities of the highest-risk registrars – those who were the main executors of raiding activities in state registers.

“These actions have significantly reduced the number of fraudulent activities with legally relevant data and reduced the number of business raid attacks. This is a positive signal for Ukrainian business and international investors, yet another confirmation that after drastic changes in the state registration of real estate and business rights in Ukraine it will be possible to invest money without the fear that your business or property may be taken away in any moment”, – said the Deputy on state registration.

At the same time, First Deputy Minister of Justice Yevgeny Gorovets announced that additional authentication with the use of Google-identification was introduced to protect against cases of unauthorized interference with the software of the State Register of Real Property Rights.

“Now the decision of the state registrar will be confirmed by the additional method of user identification using a one-time password. With these changes we have provided additional protection against unauthorized interference with state registers”, – said Yevgeny Gorovets.

At the same time, state registers were audited by independent experts with the support of the EU project.

“We have taken one of the important steps to ensure interoperability and a high level of data security, efficient and transparent operation of the registers, which will reduce the number of cases of unlawful deprivation of the owners of their rights. The audit identified areas for further work to update the registries and introduce automated interaction between them. As a result of the audit of registries, a unique individual identifier will be introduced. In the future, this will not require the citizens to provide the same information and information from different public services”, – added Yevgeny Gorovets.

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