5 major changes to the Land Code of Ukraine – Ministry of Economy

Bill No. 2280 on Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts on land use planning was adopted as a basis. Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky informed about it on Facebook.

He stated 5 major changes to the Land Code provided for in the bill:

  1. zoning of land within the territories of ATS and development of integrated plans for spatial development of communities;
  2. the disappearance of “land use purposes” and the emergence of “functional purpose”;
  3. purpose designation within the type of functional purpose of the territory is determined by the owner of the land plot independently and does not require the development of a land management project;
  4. a citizen who wishes to privatize land for free or to obtain land or state or municipal property for use, submits an application to the competent authority electronically through the Public Cadastral Map;
  5. up to 10 years may impose restrictions and encumbrances on the use of land required for the placement of objects and may be forcibly alienated.

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